About Us

In todays world, more people are in need of food supplements to support their diets, but do not enjoy taking pills. That’s why Nutripure Gummies make vitamins easy and painless.

Nutripure is part of TLC International, producing a range of quality Hygienic, Cosmetic, Baby and Health products for the whole family, from baby’s first days, through childhood, to adulthood. Our brands offer consumers lifestyle products that are relevant to their unique culture and needs. We care for our consumers by anticipating their expectations, and creating tailored products to help make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

Trust and innovation are important to us. We work with a team of dedicated and trustworthy employees, and we conduct extensive research to ensure that consumers are able to consistently trust the safety and efficacy of all TLC International products. We proactively identify our consumers needs and satisfy these needs with innovative and effective products.